Can you imagine living in a tree house like I do currently? J It is in the middle of the jungle. That is a really nice experience. I am surrounded by a wooden construction and fly screens. That’s it! The wind blows through the cottage all the time and I can hear the jungle alive at night. If there is rain at night I need to pull up a cover behind the bed so that I don’t get wet. Remember my last description of thunder stormJ For leaving in the morning I have about 20 seconds time to leave the house, run down the steps, grab the bike and rush through the jungle before the mosquitos attack me! Be careful that you don’t run over a giant blue land crabSometimes they are still there in the morning.
Here are some impressions of the jungle house: 

Somewhere in there... 

Steps up to the front door

Inside, first floor

Inside, second floor

Roof top

Coconuts... breakfast next to the house:-)


Finally! That’s me kiteboarding! J It took me a couple of hours to remember the safety stuff, to body drag downwind and upwind and fly the kite again. Finally I got on the board and was at least riding downwind. I can’t be bothered to walk back upwind and start where I came from. That is so exhausting! I need to practice, practice, practice now to finally ride upwind! At least I have crosswind most of the time that makes it easier not to end up on the beach. The spot here is perfect for learning. It is all pretty much shallow water, even I can stand most of the time;-) There are no big waves so that you can easily find the position to stand up properly and ride. There is some sea grass on the ground, nothing special, but I don’t like it so I wear boots all the time and don’t need to think about that. If you want to learn kitesurfing over here check this out: and contact Ryan by email.
I need to go now, there is good wind out there…J


On the island there is jungle, mostly mangroves and coconut trees, so I can have as much fresh coconuts as I want to have. And they look so different to the ones you get at home, the old and boring ones. If you want them fresh you need to pick them directly off the palm tree. This is a bit of a challenge, because if they are too high you need to climb the tree! Awesome, because I used to do climbing at home and there is nothing else to climb here than palm trees;-)… and maybe the treehouse,…  so, let’s climb:

No worries, in case you fail climbing, there are always some lying around ;-) only worry if you fall off the tree or a coconut hits your head while you shaking the tree;-) Once you have got them, you cut the skin off at the bottom with a machete until you have the fruity bit. Then press a hole through it and drink the juiceJ After you finished you can cut it in half and pick the fruit out of it. Awesome! 


I can't believe it! I am far out in the ocean right now on a small island, 80km away from the main land!
Right here: 17.218855,-87.592956
There are hardly any people out here. There is Huracan Diving, owned by Ruth and Huracan Kiteboarding, operated by Ryan on the island. You can either book diving courses and dive in the Blue Hole, one of the most impressive diving destinations in the world, or learn how to Kitesurf or even both.
They have lovely resorts out here in the middle of the jungle. Everythings is well organized by Ruth, the owner of the diving school out here. There is everything you need and of course there is internet as well! :-) that is awesome, so I can work and live in paradise;-) This is one of my childhood dreams!
My new office;-)

Furthermore there is plenty wildlife over here. I watched birds chasing fish, lots of iguanas running around, sometimes they fight, no worries, they don’t do anything, there are giant crabs and some other animals and unfortunately plenty mosquitos, but they are only annoying, they don’t do any harm. I still miss the Australian kangaroos or at least monkeys:-)

Fighting iguanas 

Pelicans chasing fish


Dummdididummm, dummdumm, dadamm... A few days ago Wellness-Bummler and I had drumming lessons with real Garifuna people in Dangriga, Belize. They are born with the beat in their blood and they are great musicians. They have a lot of fun playing their drums and socialising with their friends and family. I picked it up quickly and they were surprised that I got it that fast! I was playing together with them! Great! I wanted to buy a drum but unfortunately the drums are too bulky for traveling around and you need to have at least two of them for gread sound, a primary and a secondary one. I am still struggeling to carry my backpack, my photo equipment and my laptop. I need to optimize my bags. I need one bag which fits the photo equipment, laptop and some clothes ...and maybe a drum;-)... any ideas?
Furthermore I have been to "Mr. Drum Manufacturer" itselfs and learned how to make handcrafted drums. Have a look here: by the way, it is a very nice workshop next to the beach:-)


The quiet after the storm...
The day after the big thunder storm and the heavy rain I was offered a sad sight. I went down to the harbour to catch the boat and the whole water was full of rubbish. I nearly cried because of the environmental desaster. I couldn't take a photo because it took my breath away. The rubbish washed away straight into the sea and the boat needed to find the way through all the bottles, plastic, metall and other shit which ended up in the water. Horrible! There is no recycling system here and hardly any rubbish bins. No one even thinks about the environment. Everyone throws the garbage carelessly into the territory, no matter where they are. Whether in the own garden, at the neighbours, in the street, the sea, the river, the restaurant... there is garbage everywhere. This needs to be changed! We are all thinking about the environment and recycling systems, spending so much money to reduce the pollution and third countries are not involved. They destroy paradise! Please watch this: The Midway pollution disaster 
Please help!!! This is a good start: PlasticPollutionCoalition


Hahaaa:-) riding a tuctuc is fun! Very handy this little friend...