I want to buy a bicycle because I am going to stay in Tulum for a while to work here! It turns out, that it is not so easy to find a good used one which is still fully equipped with everything you need. I am talking about important things like brakes, saddle, pedals, wheels, you know, just the basics! Once it happened to me in Belize that I needed a bike to go somewhere. It was a nightmare! The saddle wasn’t really a saddle anymore; it looked more like chewed foam. It was already dissolved half way. It kind of worked, as long as you adjusted your position every 20 seconds and stand up on the pedals every speed bump! And, yes, also lean to avoid the holes in the street at the same time. But the major problem was the foot support for the bicycle pedals, which actually were not present anymore. I had just bought new flip flops which I chose as the best footwear for going on a bike ride. Because of these awkward pedals I managed it to wrap my flip flop around the metal after every third pedal cycle.

And now remember the workout and do all these steps at the same time:
-         > Stand up every 20 sec and adjust position
-         > Lean to avoid holes in the street
-         > Manage to get your flip flop caught
and again from the beginning

This was my evening workout and the end of my new flip flops! And here you can make up your own mind about the fitness bike: I think I would rather buy a new one;-) 


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  2. Enjoyed reading and laughing with the article. Seems familiar ;-)
    This time, do get a proper bike for Tulum, will you?