Due to many requests I would like to show some impressions of the beautiful place and the area around where I used to live at the moment! Tulum, Mexico and its amazing beaches and also Sian Ka'an, the Bio Reserve

Sian Ka'an, the view over the lagoon from the roof top of Cesiak

Ocean side from the roof top of Cesiak


...the last step... found it like that.. weird!

Preparing dinner, fishing from the rodden old bridge

fishy, fishy, very interesting combination with her shirt:-)

crocodile in the lagoon in Sian Ka'an

Pelicane on the old bridge

crazy pelicane on the old bridge

Beach Sian Ka'an close to the bridge

Sian Ka'an, the Bio Reserve close to Tulum where the ocean meets the lagoon. 

This shows the beach of Cesiac in Sian Ka'an, so beautiful and hardly any people there. 

These friends are huge, up to 10cm. Yesterday I got attacked by one of them. It jumped into my face and held on to my eye. I don't know why. I didn't expect these creatures to be aggressive;-) 

The lagoon of Sian Ka'an close to sunset

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