Can you imagine living in a tree house like I do currently? J It is in the middle of the jungle. That is a really nice experience. I am surrounded by a wooden construction and fly screens. That’s it! The wind blows through the cottage all the time and I can hear the jungle alive at night. If there is rain at night I need to pull up a cover behind the bed so that I don’t get wet. Remember my last description of thunder stormJ For leaving in the morning I have about 20 seconds time to leave the house, run down the steps, grab the bike and rush through the jungle before the mosquitos attack me! Be careful that you don’t run over a giant blue land crabSometimes they are still there in the morning.
Here are some impressions of the jungle house: 

Somewhere in there... 

Steps up to the front door

Inside, first floor

Inside, second floor

Roof top

Coconuts... breakfast next to the house:-)

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