Wow, I really love the food on the road. It is all about food here. Many people do nothing else than cooking the whole day and sell their food on the road or they sell fresh fruits or sweets. It is really good stuff. The bus stops somewhere and there are street sellers jumping on the bus selling food or they sell through the window. On the bus stops you will always get something sweet. Here is one example: it is caramelised sugar with coconut and pineapple bits in it! This is awesome!!! :-)

And by the way, I can nearly eat everything here! I can not eat gluten, but gluten hardly exists here. Everything here is made of corn. I love corn tortillas, fresh or toasted with vegetables or black beans. I eat fresh tropical fruits every day. Like we have apple trees at home they have banana and coconut trees in their garden.

I realized it when I arrived at Marcos and Dethlevs in Melchor, Guatemala. They have really good fresh homemade food: hot tortillas with vegetables and cheese potatos and meat if you like. Or the second one: cheese omelette with blackbeans, the weird looking mush, and hot tortillas.

Marco has a lovely place called Rio Mopan Lodge directly next to the Guatemalan border and the river Mopan. He is from Switzerland and lives there for about 35 years now built up his own hotel with a little private jungle around. It is a wounderful place to stay, enjoy the river, canoeing, swimming or walk trough Melchor, the town center. Thanks to Marco, Dethlev and their family! Here are some impressions:

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  1. I get wanderlust when I see these pics... and hungry.