First I want to tell you about the adventurous bus rides you can get here. I always choose the local bus because it’s popular here to travel by public transport and in the end it is the only choice to go somewhere out here. They don’t have trains and most people can’t effort a car so they all travel by bus and taxi. I only spend 15 US Dollars to go from Cancún, Mexico across Belize to Guatemala. Exciting stuff! Haha! 

What is going on here? I never had so much fun riding on the bus because it is a challenge! There are no time tables and no one knows exactly when they arrive and where they are going to. It either comes or it doesn’t! Then they transport everything by bus, chickens, washing machines and other stuff and it is not tied to anything so you need to catch it before it reaches you in any kind of way or you get bruised. So don’t fall asleep in the bus, be aware! The bus also has no suspension so it also hurts if it crushes into the speed bumper all along the way! It really bumps and you will fly high if you don’t hold on to something. They always have fun and loud music in the bus, there seems to be party everywhere you go. Sometimes the buses really struggle to go up the hill. Today it seemed that the bus is rolling backwards because it couldn’t make it. If you take the express bus you think you are on the rollercoaster! The bus driver doesn’t make a difference between gravel road and normal broken road. He thinks it is the highway!
To get an idea of the buses please find the photo below. These are old buses from the USA, seems that they continue driving over here until they break down one day! But they all look really cool and rubbishy!;-) I love it! 

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