In the meantime I have been to Tikal in Guatemala where you can explain all about the Maya history. It was very interesting and I have seen a lot of temples, ruins and tourists;-) I don't like too many tourists so I went further into the jungle to find the real exiting stuff! Again I went on a local adventure bus to Uaxactún, a jungle town with more exiting ruins and history but no tourists at all! I met some wunderful local people and spent my time at Nerias place. With Antonio I got a really good introduction and a tour around the area to see all the ruins and temples. They still dig out Maya temples there and they are still looking for the whole secret of the Mayas in the jungle. I think I got a rough idea now and I can read some of their signs, have a look here;-) 


  1. Tanzt Du grad Deinen Namen? Fehlt dann nicht noch ein Buchstabe. Ich werde mir mal Rat in der Waldorfschule holen... ;-)

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    1. I think she´s dances her name... but i´m not realy sure. Cause a letter is missing.