The plan is, see what happens;-)
There is only a rough idea where to go but you never know if it will work out the way you thought about before. That is the challenge! By the time you start in the morning you only know where the bus station is, maybe. Then you ask the people when the bus is coming. Maybe it will be there, maybe not. Then you maybe only find a minibus and they say the are going to the place you want to see. There are only locals on the bus and that is the only possibility to go somewhere. So get on the bus and hope that is works out well:-) It will be fine. They are all very friendly here and I never got robed yet. It would be very stupid to rip off tourists because that is what they earn money with. Well, you only need to pay more than the locals:-) it is only a few Dollars, or Quetzales in Guatemala, but if you pay in Dollars everyone is going to have their own exchange rate to earn one Dollar more;-) I hope they will spend it wisely! (no, I know)
If you hop on the minibus you never know how many people are going to join the bus on the way.. have a look here:-) this bus is made for 12 to 15 people and I think we were about 24 people including the ones standing on the door step outside ... any questions? ;-) haha!

The only thing I really need for travelling is my computer, my camera and the internet. So far it worked out well. While I am travelling around I work online to earn money, do graphic jobs, photography and advertise accommodations and cool spots on my way! :-) 

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