Rio Dulce is a river in Guatemala and has become a popular cruising sailboat destination. It starts where is flows out of the lake Izabal. The river is spanned by one of the biggest bridges in Central America. There is a little village right next to the bridge with local vegetable markets on both sides of the street. Huge trucks, buses, tuctucs and motor bikes cause a big traffic jam every time because the street is so small. By the time the trucks go down the bridge towards the village the use the engine brake and that is a horrible noise, it sound like a plane crash! (unfortunately the hostel is next to the bridge but it is funny) The traffic rules are simple here: Toot and go! ;-) Everyone is running around no one cares about anything and you need to be careful not to get run over by a truck or a tuctuc. Tuctucs, the littel taxis are very common here:-) look at these pictures... awesome, isn't it?

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  1. "Toot and go!" ok!?
    I´ll try it in Hamburg. We´ll see what happens...
    Toot Toot (in German: Trööt Trööt)