Dummdididummm, dummdumm, dadamm... A few days ago Wellness-Bummler and I had drumming lessons with real Garifuna people in Dangriga, Belize. They are born with the beat in their blood and they are great musicians. They have a lot of fun playing their drums and socialising with their friends and family. I picked it up quickly and they were surprised that I got it that fast! I was playing together with them! Great! I wanted to buy a drum but unfortunately the drums are too bulky for traveling around and you need to have at least two of them for gread sound, a primary and a secondary one. I am still struggeling to carry my backpack, my photo equipment and my laptop. I need to optimize my bags. I need one bag which fits the photo equipment, laptop and some clothes ...and maybe a drum;-)... any ideas?
Furthermore I have been to "Mr. Drum Manufacturer" itselfs and learned how to make handcrafted drums. Have a look here: by the way, it is a very nice workshop next to the beach:-)

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  1. Transport should be easy, just put all your stuff into the drum! It may even serve as a camera lens.