Finally! That’s me kiteboarding! J It took me a couple of hours to remember the safety stuff, to body drag downwind and upwind and fly the kite again. Finally I got on the board and was at least riding downwind. I can’t be bothered to walk back upwind and start where I came from. That is so exhausting! I need to practice, practice, practice now to finally ride upwind! At least I have crosswind most of the time that makes it easier not to end up on the beach. The spot here is perfect for learning. It is all pretty much shallow water, even I can stand most of the time;-) There are no big waves so that you can easily find the position to stand up properly and ride. There is some sea grass on the ground, nothing special, but I don’t like it so I wear boots all the time and don’t need to think about that. If you want to learn kitesurfing over here check this out: and contact Ryan by email.
I need to go now, there is good wind out there…J

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