The quiet after the storm...
The day after the big thunder storm and the heavy rain I was offered a sad sight. I went down to the harbour to catch the boat and the whole water was full of rubbish. I nearly cried because of the environmental desaster. I couldn't take a photo because it took my breath away. The rubbish washed away straight into the sea and the boat needed to find the way through all the bottles, plastic, metall and other shit which ended up in the water. Horrible! There is no recycling system here and hardly any rubbish bins. No one even thinks about the environment. Everyone throws the garbage carelessly into the territory, no matter where they are. Whether in the own garden, at the neighbours, in the street, the sea, the river, the restaurant... there is garbage everywhere. This needs to be changed! We are all thinking about the environment and recycling systems, spending so much money to reduce the pollution and third countries are not involved. They destroy paradise! Please watch this: The Midway pollution disaster 
Please help!!! This is a good start: PlasticPollutionCoalition


  1. This makes me very thoughtful.
    Glad to see you posting not only the beautiful and funny experiences.
    We´re here in "clean" Germany and do not think about such things...

  2. Genau das erlebe ich auch auf den Kapverden... Schön, dass Du es hier thematisierst