I can't believe it! I am far out in the ocean right now on a small island, 80km away from the main land!
Right here: 17.218855,-87.592956
There are hardly any people out here. There is Huracan Diving, owned by Ruth and Huracan Kiteboarding, operated by Ryan on the island. You can either book diving courses and dive in the Blue Hole, one of the most impressive diving destinations in the world, or learn how to Kitesurf or even both.
They have lovely resorts out here in the middle of the jungle. Everythings is well organized by Ruth, the owner of the diving school out here. There is everything you need and of course there is internet as well! :-) that is awesome, so I can work and live in paradise;-) This is one of my childhood dreams!
My new office;-)

Furthermore there is plenty wildlife over here. I watched birds chasing fish, lots of iguanas running around, sometimes they fight, no worries, they don’t do anything, there are giant crabs and some other animals and unfortunately plenty mosquitos, but they are only annoying, they don’t do any harm. I still miss the Australian kangaroos or at least monkeys:-)

Fighting iguanas 

Pelicans chasing fish

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