On the island there is jungle, mostly mangroves and coconut trees, so I can have as much fresh coconuts as I want to have. And they look so different to the ones you get at home, the old and boring ones. If you want them fresh you need to pick them directly off the palm tree. This is a bit of a challenge, because if they are too high you need to climb the tree! Awesome, because I used to do climbing at home and there is nothing else to climb here than palm trees;-)… and maybe the treehouse,…  so, let’s climb:

No worries, in case you fail climbing, there are always some lying around ;-) only worry if you fall off the tree or a coconut hits your head while you shaking the tree;-) Once you have got them, you cut the skin off at the bottom with a machete until you have the fruity bit. Then press a hole through it and drink the juiceJ After you finished you can cut it in half and pick the fruit out of it. Awesome! 

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  1. So you're carrying a machete with you all the time? Here's a pro tip: when you fly back, don't put that giant knife in your hand luggage. ;)

    (And by the way, we demand a picture with a coconut bra!)